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Silicone Rubber High Temperature

สถานะสินค้า สินค้ามีในสต็อค

Silicone Rubber High Temperature High Grade Jewellery Moulding Rubber

Silicone Rubber High Temperature


  • Long Life Moulds
  • High Level Surface Finish
  • High Dimension Accuracy
  • Detailed Reproduction of Patterns
  • No Release Agents Required
  • High Tear Strength
  • Easy to mix and use, simply add water at correct ratio


Yellow / Strech
Description Stretch – Flex rubber has high flexibility and elasticity for delicate work, line core and filigree items. Stretch – Flex may be used as a mould core insert around the work and encased by Universal or Value to complete the mould. This mould build up will provide a higher level of stiffness and dimensional accuracy but still provide a softer and flexible core to the mould.
Hardness 35±3
Shrinkage < 2%
Pink / Universal
Description Universal is a general purpose medium hardness rubber with a wide rang of application due to its high tear and tensile strength. Ideal when used in conjunction as a mould shell for a Stretch – Flex mould core for filigree or delicate work. Alternatively Universal can be used as a core in Value rubber mould to increases the hardness and durability of the mould.
Hardness 45±3
Shrinkage < 2%
Red / Value
Description Value is hard wearing rubber that provides long life moulds at reasonable price. Value can be used in conjunction with a Stretch – Flex or Universal core to provide durable mould with high dimensional tolerances, yet provide the required level of core flexibility and elasticity. Value is ideal for hard wearing mould where extreme flexibility is not required.
Hardness 50±3
Shrinkage < 2%
Green / Accuracy
Description Accuracy is a special hard rubber that provides excellent memory, super high – tensile strength. Accuracy can be used in conjunction with all silicones for hard wearing moulds and excellent surface.
Hardness 55±3
Shrinkage < 2%


  • Pack base of mould with required grade of rubber.
  • Insert pattern, having inserted core of different grade rubber if required.
  • Pack top of mould with required grade of rubber.
  • Vulcanise for 15 minutes per 6 mm of mould thickness at 160-170 °C .
  • Cut mould.
  • Mould is ready to use.


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