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Few moments in pictures from the first day, this year we prepare amazing NEW products to show in our booth at IMPACT exhibition Center, Challenger hall 2.
Come, have a coffee and consult with our staff. We looking forward to see you.






 - the new hydraulic press 10 Tons model and samples made with it/



- Bulunmaz diamond tools. Buy yours during the exhibition on special price.

- People come from everywhere to Bangkok for visit the famous BKK gems and jewellery fair

- Bangle resizer and bender. Extend the size or add some curves to your products. Try it yourself at our booth

- you can find  our light machinery also here. (left to right) iMode plating machine, Siam waterflame compact rectifier. Ultrasonic machine, ultrasonic generator and magnetic strirrer on top.

- essential chemicals of the industry by iMode. Ultrasonic cleaner, acid for plating and many more


- Live demonstrations. Handmade diamond cut design (left) and laser engraving  (right)

- CNC machine sold already but you can order yours and check it out before.

- rubber mold press. New machine with heater on both upper and below plate.










We are happy to announce we take part of  Thailand's most important international jewelry fair again.

We are honored to invite you to participate in the annual trade show what will take place at the IMPACT Exhibition center,Bangkok between 25.02.2020 and 29.02.2020.

Our Booth number is: WW20.22 - XX19.21

This exhibition is an excellent opportunity for you to meet our team in person and check out our best selling products live.

We are demonstrating live diamond cutting designs by hand and by CNC machinery.

You can also check out our hydrogen generators, laser welding machines as well as our new product family, the hydraulic press.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Usefull informations:



The Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, as an international-class fair showcasing high value gems and jewelry exhibits, reserves the right to implement certain dress code and security measures for patrons attending the fair.

  • Fair Dress Code: Smart Casual. Please dress appropriately for BGJF; wearers of shorts, open shoes or slippers will not be allowed entry. Children below the age of 10 are not allowed inside BGJF exhibition area. (We have the Kid’s Zone at Jupiter 16 to take care of your children)


  • Smoking in the fairground is prohibited.


  • Unauthorized photo or video shooting in the venue is prohibited.


  • All weapons are prohibited.


  • No pets are allowed.


  • Hand sanitizer provided by IMPACT at entrances, toilets and meeting rooms.


  • Thermal scanners and infrared thermometers used to identify suspicious cases.


  • Set up a medical unit specialized to screen corona virus


  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing at each hall.


  • Impact provide masks and special waste bins.


  • Set up precaution signs in the exhibition area


The Niche Showcase featuring jewelry under the theme of Heritage and Craftsmanship,


The Moment, Beyond Jewelry, Spiritual Power, and Metro Men.


The New Faces zone showcasing up-and-coming designers and boutiques.


Business Matching Services, Design Zones, Fashion Shows, Seminars and Conferences.


For more details visit the offical site

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