What type of Hydrogen generator should I choose?

In this article you will get a complete guide to choose the Hydrogen generator that is perfect for your business.


1. Why should anyone use a Hydrogen generator at the first place? 

    Basically all of these machines dedicated to replace gas tanks.
    That way we can save money on transportation and storage
    of these containers.


    and it also means we have done a good thing for the environment.
    Not to mention about storing a pressurized container is dangerous.


    So long story short, you get your fuel for the job instantly and cheap and do it 
    safe and environment friendly way.

2. Let's see how all these machine works in general. 
    Hydrogen gas is generated from water by electrolysis. It is simple
    and safe with our hydrogen generator machine equipped with all the
    necessary regulators and safety devices.


3. Compare the different models.

    The key difference between the machines the production rate.

    Our range start from the HO-200 model what can provide enough gas for 2 or 4
    people, depending on the torch size, and this number goes up as you can see
    on the chart provided.


The new generation models, HO-200 WT and HO-500 WT not only have better efficiency
and LCD display they also have 
the new automatic refill system.

That means you can connect a water source to the machine and it will refill the reaction chambers.
Best thing about this is that, you do not have to shut down the machine
and lose time by manual refiling.


4. FAQ

Are hydrogen generators difficult to maintain?

No, maintenance is easy and cost-effective. Simply fill the clean water to its reservoir weekly/biweekly, or use machines with the auto fill feature.
Avoid tap water as they might contain chlorine (commonly used for disinfecting drinking water). 
Cleaning and yearly check up provided by our expert technician team.


Hydrogen gas can be dangerous, isn't it?

Can be in high volume BUT 
On-demand production means smaller storage quantities.
A hydrogen generator typically only stores 50-100 mL of gas at any one time and it is used immediately as it is generated.
In normal use of the machine it is impossible to reach dangerous levels of hydrogen in air.

What about warranty?

Base warranty is 1 year but technical support provided even after this period.
Please, always follow the instructions of the User guide, otherwise warranty could be void.

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